The history and journey of our spices until they reach your plate

The good thing with the Sun Spices is that you can buy them, freshly packed, from your local supermarket and enjoy the “SUN taste of trust” on your table. But in order for the spices to reach your local store, they first have to make a long journey, throughout which strict controls are imposed on them.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, after about 100 years, we have been pioneers in importing and marketing spices and herbs in Greece from more than 30 countries. Our insistence on quality permeates all the stages of our organization, from the source selection to the processing, packaging, and distribution throughout Greece.

Our strategy is designed focusing on the quality which we seek worldwide

The expertise of almost 100 years of business operation has created a wide range of suppliers and growers, constantly expanding to maintain our high standards.
In the Sun Spices company, we know that the spices are affected by changing environmental conditions, which requires a careful, controlled, and consistent approach. Because many of the products come from tropical and developing areas, there are even more challenges. The quality control systems and the processing procedures we apply are among the strictest in the industry. This means that every product reaches you in perfect quality.