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Sun Spices

People today are looking for a proper diet, for new and exciting food roads, as they cook and try new flavors and ideas on diet. This trend has now spread. The good taste lovers in Greece do more things than just cooking. They create magical flavors of the Greek or the international cuisine inspired by the finest spices and herbs of the “Sun Spices”.

Η εταιρεία

The “Sun Spices” company was founded by the Diamantopoulou family in 1919, in Piraeus.
It imports, markets and exports spices, Carino blends of spices and herbs, pastry ingredients, herbs, herb infusions, bird food, and incenses.
The Sun Spices company listens to the consumer by offering a huge range of high quality products with which we can give a personal touch to our food and boost our sense of taste.
The huge range of the “Sun Spices” products are of high quality, they come in practical and luxurious packaging and they are supplied in the Greek market by a complete distribution network.

32 Awards

The Sun Spices company has won 32 international awards, bringing fame and appreciation to the Greek herbs and spices.

Despite the fast growth, the products always have a place in the heart of every Greek consumer thanks to the passionate insistence on the quality, hygiene and management of the raw materials.

The packaging of the products is suitable and practical not only for our home but also for grills, hotels, fast food chains, restaurants and finished product industries. Everyone knows Carino®, the best blend of spices and herbs that started as the very first spice blend for chicken in the Greek market, and whose huge success led to the creation of a whole Carino product line with spice and herb blends for fish, potatoes, barbecue, sauces, stew and tzatziki, in addition to chicken.

Today, the company is managed by Mr. Vasilis Diamantopoulos and his daughter, Stella Diamantopoulou. This Greek company has won 27 international awards, bringing fame and appreciation to the Greek herbs and Spices.

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