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Thyme can be used both fresh and dried. In the Greek cuisine you will use to flavor and add taste to meat, salads, marinades and fish. Thyme retains its flavor when dried much better than other herbs.



Gluten Free



Prof. Sachet


Pasta and grilled meats. Soups, boiled dishes, vegetables, sauces, potatoes of all types, dishes with rice, even sprinkled over fresh bread with olive oil and coarse salt. It pairs well with oregano (despite their taste being similar) and marjoram.

Fresh or dried, thyme is one of the main flavorings in our cooking. It does not need much thought because it pairs well with everything. It has an earthy taste and a countryside aroma.

About one teaspoon of thyme adds a spicy note to a pot with stew, but we should not forget that it is mainly a flavoring seasoning. The Greek, Italian and French cuisine use it a lot.