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The ginger is a spicy, intensely aromatic spice with slightly lemony flavor. The ginger powder is obtained after simply drying the peeled root of fresh ginger. It has a light yellow color and a spicy aroma that shows freshness.




Gluten Free



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It pairs well with aromatic dishes, like meat or seafood, as well as with goat meat and vegetarian dishes. It is also widely used in baking products, such as ginger cookies, bread, cake, sweet pumpkin pies, and biscuits. It brings out spice blends, and you can also easily add it to marinades for a spicy, exotic flavor. Don’t forget adding some ginger for a different tea at cold nights.h

Its taste gives a spicy taste to the mouth, and an unexpected sweetness. Store the jar air-closed, away from direct heat and light. In Corfu, a traditional drink is prepared, called tzitzibyra, which is a type of ginger beer. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for years as treatment for nausea and digestive problems.