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Mixed Pepper

Our mixed pepper contains White, Black, Pink and Green whole pepper in proportions that will give you an amazing aromatic result, slightly spicy.




Gluten Free



Plastic box




Prof. Sachet


The mixed pepper’s taste is slightly spicy to spicy. It pairs well with all types of dishes, but especially in soups, eggs, potatoes, rice, grilled fish, or grilled meats and vegetables.

All peppercorns come from the same plant, the Piper Nigrum. Their seeds differ in color, because they are harvested at different times and/or handled in different ways. For example, the green peppercorns are harvested before the seed is ripe, the red peppercorns are harvested when the seed is ripe, while the black peppercorn is harvested when the ripe seed has been sun-dried. The white peppercorn are the ripe seeds that had their outer skin removed.

Wherever you would use the coarse pepper, you can instead use this blend and feel your taste buds come alive! It brings out the flavor of a variety of dishes, use it in steaks, chicken, and salmon fillets, and sprinkle it over potatoes and vegetables before cooking them. Use it in sauces, soups, and salad vinaigrettes.