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Cyprus Smoked Salt

The crystalline flakes of this salt, with a pyramid shape and buttery taste, come from the lakes and rocks of Cyprus.



Gluten Free




The sea water is channeled through a series of ponds or swallow lagoons called salins. The water is then transferred into large pans where it is slowly heated until small pyramid crystals form. This process repeats until sea salt reaches 3% humidity. This process is environment-friendly, fueled mostly by solar power.

It is a unique and versatile product, 100% natural, with all natural flavors and taste. The production process can take up to two years, in order to achieve the perfect balance of weather and temperature, for the right texture and taste to be created.

Add an unexpected flavor to seemingly ordinary dishes. Chicken, steaks, hamburgers, ribs or even your own barbecue sauce acquire a wonderful taste with a Hickory smoked flavor. Be creative and add it to French fries or popcorn for a whole new flavor.