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Smoked Paprika

The unique taste of the smoked paprika is produced by drying the peppers in oven with oak wood. Its use is important in the Spanish and Hungarian cuisine.



Gluten Free



Prof. Sachet


Its flavor is mild and sweet with a warm touch that is shown when combined with every food, from meat sauces and soups to chicken, stews, egg, potatoes, steamed vegetables and dishes whose main ingredient is the rice. This bright red spice gives a deep, smoked aroma and taste to every food it is add to.

Its smoked taste and amazing dark color pairs well with meat, vegetables, sauces, stews and raw foods, as well as with many dishes, like rice, egg, potatoes, paella, etc.

When experimenting with this paprika in a new dish, start with half a teaspoon in order to give an amazing, smoked flavor and aroma, and then increase it at will. As the smoked paprika is added to the food, the taste starts becoming more and more smoky, so use it with care.