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Mustard is widely used as flavor supplement and enhancer in meats, and especially in sausages and salads. It is also used in skewers, sandwiches, grilled sandwiches and hot dogs. Finally, it is used in the preparation of beef burgers, in the potatoes and as meat marinade.


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The mustard powder is not as intense as the mustard seeds.

The flavor of the mustard powder shows its spicy nuances in a moist cooking environment. It is usually rubbed on the meat with or without other spices, it is added to sauces for salads, vinaigrette, soups.

Worldwide, the tiny mustard seeds are used in order to enhance the flavor of the curries, soups and pickles. This spice comes in two forms, whole grains or ground, and is the basis for countless varieties of spices we all recognize as prepared mustard.

The mustard seeds can come from various mustard plants. There are three types of mustard dried seeds:

1. White or yellow- mild taste, suitable for American style mustards
2. Brown color- We often name it “Asian”, and it is usually used for the processing and flavoring of meats like the corned beef. Many European mustards are made with brown mustard, which is used a lot in the Indian cuisine.

3. Black- Black mustard seeds with particularly strong taste.

The mustard seeds are widely used in the Asian and European cuisines. Popping the bitter seeds in hot oil will help the enzymes containing the spicy taste be revived and will remove the bitterness