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The tender stems and leaves of rosemary are used as seasoning in many dishes. It gives a unique taste to roasted dishes. In pastry making it is mainly used in the spoon sweets.



Gluten Free



Prof. Sachet


It is a herb with strong taste which if used in large quantities can destroy the taste of the food. We suggest that you start with just a very small quantity and taste to see if that is ok for you or if you want to add some more. When used, in order to release all of its flavor, the recipe must have liquids where the rosemary will be added and give its flavors and aroma.

Rosemary is widely used in: meat, chicken, grilled vegetables, soup, stew and marinades.

Its appearance does not attract you to taste it because it is hard and pointy. But all someone needs to do is to crush some leaves between their fingers and discover their aroma. Rosemary comes from a Mediterranean bush and is one of the few flavorings retaining their aroma when dried. It has a pleasant flavor similar to that of tea and its taste is slightly sour, earthy, and a little bit spicy.