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Coarse Salt

Natural sea salt. It has not gone through iodization process (i.e. addition of synthetic iodine), but it contains the iodine that the sea salt contains by its nature, which is the one that the human organism recognizes and absorbs.


Gluten Free




The coarse sea salt can season a great variety of dishes, from salty caramels and desserts to which you want to add some contrast, to breads and steaks. Coarse salt is usually not used in cooking, but it is added as a final touch.

Nowadays there are many recipes requiring the use of coarse salt. The coarse sea salt has a much larger grain than the common table salt – this is why it is called “coarse”. The reason that coarse salt is so popular is not because it is saltier than the regular salt, but because it has a more intense sea flavor and taste. Each of these tiny bits of salt is large enough so that you notice it immediately on your tongue and your palate.